Jadarhus tasked us with producing a short commercial for them showing a day in the life of one of their carpenters. 


The commercial's tagline is "Vi vet hva som kreves av et hus, og av en tømmermann." which translates to "We know what is required of a house, and of a carperter."


The commercial was aired in movie theaters, on local tv stations, and on the big-screen at sporting events like football and hockey games.

Story and script: Pro Contra

Producer and Director of photography: Mikkel B. Munkvold

Director: Severin Ommundsen

Music: Christopher W. Williams

Vocal: Trine Høstmark Solhaug

Edit & VFX: Mikkel B. Munkvold

Camera assistent: Jonas Reed

Make-up: Sham Jaff

Special thanks: Skjalg Molvær and Elias Kallestein