The iTrack skydiving boogie was a one week long event hosted at the Oslo skydiving center - OFSK - the largest dropzone in Norway. 


We were tasked with creating a truley awesome event video for the ages.


Mikkel Brekne Munkvold was the producer and director of photography.

As an active skydiver Mikkel shot footage on his jumps as well as gathering footage from the other skydivers. The video was edited by Fredrik Waldeland.


In 2014 this video won the competiton and was named "Best Aero-Sport Video 2014" by the Norwegian Aero-Sport Association.

The boogie offered:


  • Tracking jumps from sunrise to sunset
  • World class load organizers
  • 150 skydivers
  • Two PAC 750XL aircraft
  • Helicopter loads
  • Beach swooping competition

The following year the iTrack skydiving boogie was hosted once again and we were invited back to produce another awesome event video. 


This time the boogie offered jumps from the mighty C-130J Hercules, in cooperation with the Norwegian Armed Forces.


This new video was again edited by Fredrik Waldeland. Mikkel Brekne Munkvold was the producer and D.O.P. 

The skydiver in the tree was Dag Øyvind Jøraholmen. Special thanks to Pontus Åkerberg.