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iTrack 2014 - Do You? "Best Aero-Sport Video 2014" - NFL

Promovideo for iTrack 2014

OFSK - Oslo Fallskjermklubb

In 2014 we were hired in to produce a promo video for the iTrack skydive boogie (event).

The video has been named "Best Aero-Sport Video 2014" by the Norwegian Aero-Sport Association (Norges Luftsportforbund - NFL).

iTrack is a week long skydive event which is organized by OFSK - Oslo skydivingclub. Over 100 skydivers participated and about 3000 skydives were executed from airplanes and helikopters.

The video was shot and edited during the week long event and had its premiere on the big screen during the festivities on the last night of the event.

The feedback for this video has been fantastic and come from accross the whole world.

Producer & Cinematographer - Mikkel Brekne Munkvold

Editor - Fredrik Waldeland