Grip Services

We have high-end professional grip equipment and expertise avaliable for hire.


Foton4 Film and Mikkel Brekne Munkvold has provided grip services on a wide variety of film productions, including four feature films and countless shortfilms, commercials and music videos. With our extensive experience and assortment of equipment we are the most established provider of grip services on the west coast of Norway. 


Our equipment is durable and solid, as well as versatile and precise. It is specifically designed for its purpose in order to ensure maximum camera stability and security, as well as providing the smoothest possible camera movements. 


Our grip-truck is customized to easily transport and deploy heavy-duty equipment on-set. This truck provides a  'one-car' solution to cover most grip needs on film productions of various sizes. 


Our grip-truck includes the following equipment:

  • Panther Buddy Dolly with seats + several types of wheels and accessories
  • Bazooka riser full set (x5)
  • Panther gas sylinder riser
  • Full 150mm bowl set with conversion rings til 100mm and 70mm + offset bowls and hihat bowls
  • Mitchell <-> Elemac / Euro Mount adapters + bowl adapters + Elemac / Euro to 28mm spigot
  • 19 meter straight steel tracks in various lengths (2.3m, 1.6m, 0.9m, 0.5m)
  • Dolly track starter ramp
  • VarioJib with 1 extension, provides camera altitude of approx. 4 meters from base
  • Trihat
  • U-Bangi
  • Cine-bag / Free-bag
  • F-7 head
  • Lowshotplate
  • Magic Arms
  • C-Stands with arm and grip heads
  • Appleboxes + pagganinis + wedges
  • An assortment of tie-ins, straps and attachment systems
  • Ropes + ground-plugs + an assortment of tools
  • Panther weights
  • An assortment og ALU-pipes + couplers

In addition we also offer the following:

  • 360 degrees circular dolly track - 12 pieces curved dolly track
  • Kessler Camera Crane - From 2.6 to 6 meters from base
  • Programmable remote operated pocketdolly - 1 meter (Motion Control)
  • 4 foot (120 cm) Flyking Precision Camera Slider
  • Remote operated and programmable 360 degree pan/tilt head (Motion Control)
  • Polaris Shuttle Dolly + ALU-pipe tracks
  • Flycam Flowline Professional 500N Easyrig
  • 1 meter pocket jib
  • Paladin dolly base set
  • P.O.V. helmet for DSLR
  • Variety of tripods and heads
  • Suction mount camera rig (for vehicles and more...)
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Previous projects:

"Quality Time" - Produced by Pupkin & Leader Films

"Alt Jag Inte Minns" - Produced by Black Spark & Kärnfilm

"Transit Conjunction" - Produced by Foton4 Film

"MANA" - Produced by HÆFA

"Skyggenes Dal" - Produced by Film Farms

"FilmRookies 2018" - Produced by UFOh!