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Bellatoxic official selection united film festival chicago
Bellatoxic KORT award winner
Bellatoxic official selection united film festival new york


Musicvideo for BELLATOXIC's song

"The End"

In 2011 we along with Forste Utkast and Kjeltring Media produced a music video for the Norwegian hard-rock band BELLATOXIC.

This film shows the desperate and chaotic struggle of nature, where only the fittest survive.

The film has gotten great feedback from around the world and won an award for most liked film by the audience at KORT filmfestival in Sandnes 2011.

As well as being part of the official selection to:

United Film Festival in New York 2012

United Film Festival in Chicago 2012

Director & Editor: Fredrik Waldeland

Producer: Torkild Ziegler

Photographer & Visual Effects: Mikkel Brekne Munkvold

Assistant: Jonas Reed

Script Development: Fredrik Waldeland, Torkild Ziegler, Jonas Reed

Special Thanks to: Ole Helland