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Watch High Quality Film / Photos Foton4 Film AS

We have several years of experience in film and media production. This is key, we know how to produce the best possible product and we know how to avoid costly and time consuming problems.

We offer our clients the full package. We offer complete products that are ready for use upon delivery. We offer high quality media, we offer highly competitive prices, and we offer service minded professional media productions.

We use high-end professional film-making and media production equipment. This combined with our experience and skills allows us to produce very high quality media in tougher conditions and get otherwise impossible shots.

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“... Foton4 Film...remarkable job...very high quality a great price...very professional...easy to work with...”

High Quality Media


We are committed to offering high quality media, rivaling major production companies. We deliver media with a proffesional look which reflects onto our clients.

Foton4 Film is a film and media production company that was started in 2008 under the name Urban Allegiance in Stavanger, Norway. It is run and administered by its founder Mikkel B. Munkvold.

We work mainly with industry and commercial media but branch into many different areas of media production. We now provide a variety of media production services throughout Norway and Northern Europe.

Highly Competative Prices


We are also committed to offering competitive down-to-earth prices. We operate with a 'low overhead' business model allowing us to keep prices reasonable yet still deliver top notch quality.



Mikkel Brekne Munkvold
Mikkel Brekne Munkvold

Mikkel Brekne Munkvold

C.E.O. / Managing Director

0047 48 12 00 03

Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams

Audio Consultant


"Foton4 Film did a remarkable job, producing very high quality work with minimal breif, in an impossible timeframe and at a great price. Very

professional and so easy to work with. I recommend them without


Fredrik Waldeland
Jonas Reed


Directing/Editing Consultant


Film/Video Consultant

R Morgan

Managing Director - DSG Technology