Full service media production company

Foton4 Film is a film and media production company that was origianlly started in 2008 in Stavanger, Norway under the name 'Urban Allegiance'.

Due to success it was transformed into Foton4 Film AS in 2013. It is run and administered by its founder Mikkel Brekne Munkvold.


We are a full service media production company offering our customers complete products tailored to their specific needs. 

Utilizing our in-house resources as well as a vast network of partnering companies we are able to execute productions and projects of any size.
We are also available for hire to perform specific tasks in external productions.


Our goal is to produce high quality media through an efficient and well conducted media production,

in order to make the customer's experience as easy and practical as possible. 


We have several years of experience in many branches of film and media production. This is key in order to produce and deliver high quality media to our clients.


We use high-end professional film-making and media production equipment. This equipment is durable and solid, as well as versatile and precise. It is specifically designed and made for its purpose in order to ensure the best possible quality.


We work mainly with industry and commercial media but branch into many different areas of media production. We now provide a variety of media production services throughout Norway and Northern Europe.

We produce:

High Quality

Video & Photos

3D and 2D


Illustrations and

Digital Images

Web administration and

Web Design

Digital, visual and graphic


Sound scores, foley and music