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We produce:

High Quality

Video & Photos

3D and 2D


Illustrations and

Digital Images

Web administration and

Web Design

Digital, visual and graphic


Sound scores, foley and music


We take pride in producing and delivering customized high-quality media at competitive prices. 

Media has no real limitations, but infinite different possibilities. That's why it's important that your media is customized to your exact needs.


With years of experience in media production we know which media will best suit your needs and how to convey the desired message as effectivly as possible.


We use high-end professional film-making and media production equipment. This equipment combined with our experience and skills enables us to produce very high quality media.

Our goal is to help our customers achieve a professional and positive image through an efficient and well conducted media production. 

We believe that the only way to do business is to deliver a


great product


at a


good price


in the


most professional way possible.

Latest News

"Transit Conjunction" wins award in L.A. film festival.

Our shortfilm "Transit Conjunction" has won the "Best Genre Film 2018" award at Mammoth Film Festival in Los Angeles!

Foton4 Film represented on the red carpet in Hollywood.

Our shortfilm "Transit Conjunction" had its USA premiere at HollyShorts Film Festival in Los Angeles. The film was screened at the TCL Chinese Theatres on Hollywood boulevard and was well received. We were represented by Producer and D.O.P Mikkel Brekne Munkvold, and actress Karin Hodne. 

Fishbones video released.

We have produced a corporate video for Fishbones to showcase the Fishbones Stimulation Technology which can significantly improve reservoir productivity. 
Connect your reservoir with simplicity, accuracy and efficiency.